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Kauthuk.com It is a social impact venture “connecting art and the artisan” to produce, promote & sell commercially viable sustainable and organic consumer products & services through a chain of offline stores and an online store.

We are aggregators & producer of unique creative Artifact’s, Handicrafts, Apparels, Paintings, Décor Products, Events, Destinations & Experiences. Our mission is to popularize & create demand for traditional produces in domestic & international markets. It’s an idea born out of the need to explore, innovate, design, produce & market the untapped potential of Indian cottage industry. We aim to become the largest aggregator of sustainable crafts and décor products with innovative design and style.
Through Kauthuk, we plan to build a creative ecosystem with Artists, Designers and Artisans collaborate to create innovative sustainable products for living.

We aim to be the first major brand in the online space to cover the diversity of Indian Heritage in terms of places, attractions & traditional hand made products to the global world.

Based out of Kochi in India, we are a team of heritage & art enthusiasts with vast experience into Travel and IT related domains.